Application Support

We offer thorough application support to ensure that you can get the best workflow possible.

Application support

At Flow Robotics, our main priority is to ensure effortless implementation of flowbot ONE into your workflow.

We’ve set you up for success by creating an intuitive user-interface that allows you to do all the programming yourself and easily switch between protocols.

But we also know the value of getting a smooth start and potentially a customized solution. 

That’s why we offer extensive application support – either through our distribution partners or from our own application specialists, working out of our headquarters in Denmark.  


When is application support relevant?

While you can easily program and maintain the flowbot ONE yourself, application support can be valuable for e.g.,:

  • Getting your full protocols implemented on the flowbot ONE, if you don’t have the time or resources.
  • Optimizing an existing protocol you are running on the flowbot ONE. 
  • Getting inspiration or advice for running new applications on flowbot ONE.
  • Getting support for changing or customizing labware.
  • Getting support for other adjustments and optimizations.

Please do not hesitate to book a meeting with our application specialists to discuss how your workflow can be automated.