Prof. and Universal Robots co-founder Kasper Støy and assistant Prof. Andres Faiña realized the need for highly flexible, low cost liquid handling robots while coordinating a large-scale EU project involving partners in chemistry and biotechnology. They started to develop their ideas of a flexible and user-friendly platform suitable for automating simpler liquid handling tasks that change often. This became the starting point for Flow Robotics A/S, which was founded in 2015.

By bringing together experts from biotech, IT and robot automation Flow Robotics has been able to create a small, flexible lab robot for handling liquid, taking into account the needs of users and bringing new technology such as Augmented Reality into play.

The demo version of flowbot ONE was ready in August 2017 and hereafter pilot customers from the public and private sectors started using it in their laboratories. In close collaboration with pilot customers and researchers at the IT University, the robot was further developed to become increasingly efficient and user-friendly.

Launch of flowbot ONE will take place in August 2018.

Flow Robotics A/S is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Flow Robotics History