Flow Robotics
Liquid handling made easy

FlowBot One makes it seamless and enjoyable to perform liquid handling tasks in your lab. Speed up your processes and experience a new level of flexibility.

Modern and flexible liquid handling

Let Flowbot One take over tedious and time consuming parts of your workflow and free up time to work on other tasks. It will pay for itself in no time!


Increase Speed

Make your workflows more efficient and consistent. Programming within minutes.

Easy to use

Control robot using the browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet. No installation required!

Document work

Detailed reports of all experiments are generated automatically in PDF and Excel formats

Avoid injuries

No injuries from spending long hours doing manual high precision work

FlowBot One Specifications

FlowBot One
W100cm x D60cm x H80cm (closed)
W100cm x D60cm x H110cm (open)

60 kg

Pipette channels
1 channel (SC) and 8 channel (MC)

Precision and accuracy
Complies with the ISO 8655 standard.

12 positions (SBS format)

Volume Ranges
1 channel liquid ends: 2-200μL or 10-1000μL
8 channel liquid ends: 2-200μL or 10-1000μL

General liquid transfer
Serial dilutions
Multiple dispensing

Tip detection
Liquid level detection of source
Bottom touch
Optional tip reuse
Pause (reaction or incubation time)
Customizable liquid classes
CSV Import/Export of programs
Easy editing of programs
PDF reports of programs
Historical logs of executed programs
Sharing programs between users

Common pipette tips with or without filter can be used.
Standard components are already predefined. Including

  • (6, 12, 24, 96, 384)-Well plates
  • 50mL, 2mL, 1.5 mL Eppendorph tube racks
New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user.
Components should fit the SBS format.

Run time estimation
A precise time estimation for the length of the program is made for each protocol before and during run of the program.

Every run is streamed live on a tablet or computer.

Safety door detection and emergency stop button.

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How to use FlowBot One

Easily run a program in three steps

  1. Define setup using automatic object detection
  2. Define moves by clicking sources and targets
  3. Save and run program!

Customizing FlowBot One

See how to

  1. Create new components with a graphical preview
  2. Create QR Codes for automatic component detection
  3. Create new liquid classes

Edit Programs with FlowBot One

See how to edit existing programs by

  1. Editing volume or pipetting settings
  2. Changing order of steps
  3. Deleting steps


"Kasper Støy and Flow Robotics is an example of how Danish research, innovation and entrepreneurship combined can reach a higher level and revolutionise production."

Ulla Tørnæs, 2016
Former Minister for Higher Education and Science, Denmark


Flow Robotics creates flexible, user-friendly liquid handling robots for lab automation. It aims to replace repetitive, time-consuming and burdensome manual pipetting tasks, yielding consistent results and freeing up time to work on interesting scientific problems.

As the robots are controlled using an Internet browser, no installation is required. And better yet, no programming is required.

Ease of use is the lifeblood of Flow Robotics. Using patented technology, live video from the robot is combined with the graphical user interface to make specification of protocols intuitive. With augmented reality, what you see is really what you get!


Flow Robotics A/S is a Danish spin-off company from the IT University of Copenhagen. It was founded in December 2015 by Professor and Universal Robots Co-founder Kasper Støy and Assistant Professor Andres Faina. Both are employed at the IT University of Copenhagen where they have been working on developing user-friendly liquid handling robots.

Funding from engaged board members, owners, Innovationsfonden and Markedmodningsfonden has enabled further development of the patented robot technology and resulted in the FlowBot One pipetting robot. FlowBot One has been used by pilot customers since August 2017 and launch will take place by end June 2018.

Flow Robotics A/S is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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